【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)
  • 【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)
  • 【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)
  • 【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)

【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)

The Lethal Weapon steps up to the plate utilizing a similar base geometry from the Secret Weapon along with updates that are the current focus for riders in competitive wake surfing. We focused on building quicker release and speed generation with a completely new tail and rail design. These changes have led the Lethal Weapon to improve responsiveness and release on tricks for advanced riders who prefer a board that charges for the podium finish.

【Soulcraft】Lethal Weapon (4'6)

Performance Focus: Novice - Expert

  • Nose: Round
  • Tail: Narrow Squash w/Shallow Vee
  • Rail: Hard/Sharp for Speed
  • Rocker: Moderate
  • Fin Setup: Twin / Podium Fiberglass Honeycomb
  • Deck Profile: Convex

  • Construction: Epoxy / EPS / PVC
  • Available Lengths: 4’2”-4’10” (Custom Dimensions Available)
  • Includes: Board / Traction / Fins